What are the Coaching Tiers for Cycling

Program Volunteer
(Tier 1)

Program Volunteers are individuals who want to support the Kids of Mud program but have not completed the requirements to become a Ride Leader (Tier 2). The Program Volunteer assists the ride leader or community coach with program activities. 

Program Volunteers are a vital componet to upholding the “Rule of Two” which requires at least two responsible adults during all program activities to ensure child safety and supervision.


Ride Leader
(Tier 2)

Ride Leaders deliver the skills curriculum and lead club rides with the support of a Tier 1 Program Volunteer(s).  Ride Leaders create a positive and enjoyable atmosphere for young athletes, ensuring that the program is engaging and fun while promoting skill development, teamwork, and a love for the sport.



Community Trained Coach
(Tier 3)

Community Trained Coaches hold a technical coach designation on their license and have additional skills development training allowing them to provide expert guidance to young cyclists and Tier 1 & 2 coaches. The responsibilites of a Community Trained Coach includes coordinating the training schedule and curriculum for their club. They work with their club to support program growth and coach development.

What do you need to become a Kids of Mud Coach

All coaches require an annual membership
with the Manitoba Cycling Association.

All coaches will require a National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Number. This number will allow you to complete the required NCCP training for each tier.

Cycling specific e-learning courses require a (free) member login to complete. 

Training & Screening Requirements for Each Tier

To become a Tier 1: Program Volunteer participants must meet the following requirements:


To become a Tier 2: Ride Leader participants must meet the following requirements:


To become a Tier 3: Community Trained Coach participants must meet the following requirements:

*More information coming soon

*Submit your child abuse registry here

Additional Resources and Recommended Training

*More information coming soon 

*The MCA highly recommends that coaches complete safe sport training.

*The MCA highly recommends that coaches complete First Aid Training.