General KOM Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can register?

Kids of Mud is open for all children under the age of 17. Provided they are able to ride off road and are training wheel free.

How do I register?

You can register through the Manitoba Cycling Association site. Click here for information regarding registration on this site.

What if I have to cancel my child after registering?

We do have a cancellation policy in effect as there are administration fees associated with cancelling the registration. They are as

  • Prior to week 1:$20 admin cost withheld
  • Week 1-3 : 50% of the program fee returned
  • After Week 3: no refund

Special Consideration: a rider that has a certifiable medical disability should be considered for a prorated refund minus the administration fee.

What type of bike is required?

A working well fitted bike (with hand brakes and gears is ideal). We strongly recommend taking your bike to a trained professional to ensure you have a safe and trouble free cycling season. We will be able to make minor adjustments and repairs to your bikes at the events, however this will draw us away from our coaching responsibilities.

Does my child require a helmet?

A program requirement! Helmets must be worn at all events. They must be CSA certified and properly sized for your child’s head. We can assist in fitting the helmets and setting up the straps.

Should my child be wearing gloves or glasses?

This is highly recommended for protection of hands and eyes. A lot of our riding is off road and there will be times where your child might tip of their bike. You will notice that most of the coaches will be wearing gloves and sunglasses.

What type of footwear should my child wear?

Closed toed shoes are a program requirement! Sandals are not allowed for safety reasons.

Does my child require cycling shorts?

Recommended, but not necessary. They provide protection to sensitive areas once the rides become longer.

Do I (parent) require a helmet?

YES! Parents are more than welcome to ride with us, but they also must wear a CSA certified Helmet.

What else does a parent need to ride with KOM?

All parents and volunteers need to hold a valid Manitoba Cycling Association license. This is for program insurance.

What should we bring to practice? Bike, Helmet, Gloves, Glasses, Water/Sports drink
Good to have:

  • Spare tube & pump
  • Small tool kit incl. patch kit
  • Food e.g. granola/energy bar, gel, raisins
  • Personal first aid kit

We also suggest:

  • CHANGE OF CLOTHES ~ you might work up a sweat while riding and we have been known to get muddy once in awhile!
  • A garbage bag for your wet and muddy clothes.
  • Wallet sized laminated ID card with name/address/phone, health #’s, allergy/ meds info, etc.

What to have for race day?

  • Your Manitoba Cycling Association License (this is needed at time of check in). Your coach CAN NOT verify your category or that you are registered in the Kids of Mud program, your license does this.
  • Bike Plate ~ securely fastened to your handle bar; in front of the brake cables (nothing should obscure the plate number).
  • Water/Sports drink ~ you should be drinking water prior to, during and after each race.
  • Food ~ make sure you don’t have an empty stomach prior to a race, but keep in mind not to eat a heavy meal. Bring some snacks to eat after each race (chocolate milk, granola bar, veggies, fruit, bagel with cream cheese or tuna salad are all good choices).

What to expect on race day?

  • All clubs will be present so there will be a lot of kids. Drive carefully into the parking lot.
  • Find the registration table and register for the race at least 30 minutes prior to your start time.
  • There will be a staging area and a finish area. Know where you need to be before you need to be there.
  • Race Officials (Commissaires) will do roll call at the start line. You must be ready to race and in or near the staging area 10 minutes prior to your race time. Race days can be very hectic, relax and go with the flow. After all it is still just about having FUN!

Why should I pre-ride the course?

A pre-ride gets your heart rate up and introduces you to the course. It is the rider’s responsibility to know the course.

How does my child line up at Races?

There will be sections indicating Age Group Staging areas. The commissaire will indicate when staging will commence, and then your child’s name will be called in attendance, by age group.

What is a Mass Start?

All age groups will line up at the Start line. Once the whistle blows, everyone in that age category will start at the same time. It is VERY important to be on time at the start line.